How To Setup A Basic Videography System



Videography is something everyone is involved in one way or another. From simply recording an event with your camera phones to using digital cameras to capture happy memories. Videography is certainly not only for our hobbies and leisure, videography on its own is a career, a full time job and a lucrative business. Videography covers many fields ranging from shooting videos with a camera, digital animation, video blogging, gaming and so on. Some of the importance of videography are perfecting our professional expertise on the multiformity of videos, sound, creativity and the latest post production accessories obtainable. Here are the essential consideration needed to setup a basic videography system.

Everyone dreams of having their own company but many dream to be film makers and to run their own company, to be one of the biggest names in the industry. The aim in the long run is to have a videography company so as to be able to gather the right supplies ( camera, lighting, sound gear and the absolute best of all professional relationships) to support your creativity.

This article focuses on those looking forward to building a production system from the very beginning. Listed below are the steps needed to set up a video production system:

1. Learn the Business

This is a very fundamental imperative. You will do yourself a great deal of good if you took some time to learn the trade you’re about to delve into. Attend a training academy to learn the craft, the tools and the best methods of capturing motion pictures for diverse scenarios and applications. There are also tonnes of resources both online and offline that you procure in order to get a hang of the skills and techniques required for the service.

2. Put Down A Work Plan

Write down a work plan that outlines your goal towards setting up a video production system, your marketing plan of action and your knowledge working production. Incorporate a record of production accessories you are familiar with that are cost effective equipment needed in video production such as lighting equipment, editing system and duplicators.

3. Source and Setup Your Production Kit

Video production equipment are essential for starting out your video production company

 Such equipments are:

Video camera: is the center piece of your film making geae. The camera you use depends on your budget and type of shooting.

Tripod: an essential piece of equipment to steady your footage and adds professionalism to your work. A tripod turns a basic camera into a much better video production equipment.

Camera light: lighting is an important factor on video production because it creates visual mood, atmosphere and a unique sensation. Good lighting makes a difference in the quality of your videos.

Vision mixer: used to make different sources of video and creates a single output.

Video monitor: video monitor is another vital piece of equipment. It is used to monitor the output of a video generating device such as IRD, video camera, VCR, DVD and play out from a video server.

Editing software: Is capable of editing, modifying and generating a video file.

Cables and connectors: planning on using a professional audio setup with your camcorder? You will be making use of XLR cables to go from the camera to the microphones.

Sound/Microphone: sound is important because it delivers information and increases value of production. Microphones enables many types of audio recording devices. Communication inclusive.

Lenses: are important tools in videography used to bring light to a fixed focal point.    In order to have a professional touch on your videos, you need video production kits. And these video production equipment will help you achieve the best looking videos.